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Addnorth X-PLA

X-PLA is a unique PLA-mix developed by add:north. It is 100% biodegradable and has a high impact resistance, zero brittleness and an unbeatable finish. The X-PLA was first developed to meet the high requirements from architects, who often print thin walls but at the same time want a resistive and even surface. Finished prints of X-PLA have a solid and robust feeling which is perfect for technical applications but also prototypes and figures. X-PLA can be printed at low temperatures (from 180 °C) and will then get a nice matte finish that is not possible using regular PLA.

Addnorth X-PLA - 1.75mm - 2300g - Black

Item number: ANXP12BLA

Addnorth X-PLA - 1.75mm - 2300g - Light Grey

Item number: ANXP12LGR

Addnorth X-PLA - 1.75mm - 2300g - Orange

Item number: ANXP12ORA

Addnorth X-PLA - 1.75mm - 2300g - White

Item number: ANXP12WHI

Addnorth X-PLA - 1.75mm - 5000g - Black

Item number: ANXP19BLA

Addnorth X-PLA - 1.75mm - 5000g - White

Item number: ANXP19WHI

Addnorth X-PLA - 1.75mm - 750g - Black

Item number: ANXP17BLA

Addnorth X-PLA - 1.75mm - 750g - Light Grey

Item number: ANXP17LGR

Addnorth X-PLA - 1.75mm - 750g - Medium Blue

Item number: ANXP17MEB

Addnorth X-PLA - 1.75mm - 750g - Red

Item number: ANXP17RED

Addnorth X-PLA - 1.75mm - 750g - White

Item number: ANXP17WHI

Addnorth X-PLA - 2.85mm - 2300g - Black

Item number: ANXP22BLA

Addnorth X-PLA - 2.85mm - 2300g - Light Grey

Item number: ANXP22LGR

Addnorth X-PLA - 2.85mm - 2300g - White

Item number: ANXP22WHI

Addnorth X-PLA - 2.85mm - 5000g - Black

Item number: ANXP29BLA

Addnorth X-PLA - 2.85mm - 5000g - White

Item number: ANXP29WHI

Addnorth X-PLA - 2.85mm - 750g - Black

Item number: ANXP27BLA

Addnorth X-PLA - 2.85mm - 750g - Light Grey

Item number: ANXP27LGR

Addnorth X-PLA - 2.85mm - 750g - Medium Blue

Item number: ANXP27MEB

Addnorth X-PLA - 2.85mm - 750g - Red

Item number: ANXP27RED

Addnorth X-PLA - 2.85mm - 750g - White

Item number: ANXP27WHI

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